Many thanks to all the attendees yesterday (40-50) to make our meetup a success.  We covered the poem yekbareguee and discussed how the two righteous paths can engulf one’s lifetime.   The path of love is when a child cannot rest at the scene of a sparrow with a broken wing and does everything in her power to help and never even thinks for one second about a reward either material, deferred, or a even a pat on the back.  The good done is the greatest reward.  On the other hand the orphanage bearing the name of the founder came to be, because someone decided that she shall receive more in afterlife.  It was an investment after all.  Rumi calls this the path of salvation.  Both result in good and therefore righteous but very different in the nature (neeyat) of the person doing it. Rumi invites you to join the ranks of the Righteousness by Love and tells you what an incredibly hard thing that is to do but at the same time the most joyous life shall come about.  Dance the streets, celebrate life, and pour the light through poetry.

Here is the powerpoint: