The Workshops

We have a series of multi day workshops.  The 2 currently offered are ‘A Bridge to Rumi’, and ‘Into Rumi’s Wonderland’ each can be taken independently. We take a tour of some of the greatest Rumi’s poems. And we do it without conventional translating.  We do this by taking your heart through a fascinating journey connecting you with the love pouring from the poetry of Rumi.    

Scroll down to next section to see  how meanings of words are hung on a blank slate of the mind by questions, anecdotes, and play.  Just like a newborn.

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Rumi wants to connect with you across 800 years beyond language.  Rumi’s poetry is highly musical with meticulously chosen words while they magically rhyme with a musical beat and point to that all familiar place we can call “the origin”.

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This is the 4th workshop where with a method that I have devised, through a fun and light experience you will learn enough Persian to understand and connect with Rumi DIRECTLY.  We marvel at the rhythms and turn over each word like cards from English to Persian one at a time.  About 100 students have gone through these workshops and happy to say that all felt emotions ranging from delight to everlasting awe. 

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Come play

Farzad was born in Iran and came to the US at the age of 14. For the past 3 decades, he has been infatuated with the works of Rumi (Jallaledeen-e Molavi), Hafez (not Hafiz), and Fer-doe-see, the three pillars of Iranian philosophy that gave birth to Sufism, derveeshes, and Eastern mysticism at large. Farzad attended UCLA for a 5 year study of Hafez and Aeen-e Iran for 11 years furthering his study of  Rumi. Behind the scenes Farzad is an entrepreneur and start up guy in software marvels and attended MIT for his undergrad work.

To give you a taste, consider that in a 400 word poem the wonder payload is transmitted by a dozen or so key words (*not keywords) for example yek-baar-e-guee, a pretty strange word.   Can you morph it into meaning by reading the 3 stories below?  We create meaning for each key word in context and learn as a toddler does. We then assemble our newly found knowledge to invite the message of Rumi into our hearts…

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Come celebrate life with us

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It was at age 70 that grandpa moved from Ameeraabaad neighborhood in Tehran to Brentwood, CA and had his first medical checkup in the new world. “1-2 packs??”  Asked the flabbergasted doctor and continued. “And for how many years?” ….  “What is 73 minus 17?”  said grandpa.  The doctor gasped: Low tar? “Yanee cheh?” (What does that mean?) addressing his  son who duly translates. “All I know is that they are like  full flavor Camels.” After a moment of silence the doctor says “Say no more my dear friend, it is either cigarettes or your life, your time with your  children and grandchildren.  Grandpa pondered for a few moments …. and decided to never light up again… ever



Shattered by the news of his son’s death, the iconic railroad tycoon brimming with wealth declared “Now all children of California are my children”. Yek-baar-e-guee. And the greatest educational institution known to mankind ensued.

The bat

A bat like figure blocked the passage. It was a man holding up his black cloak.  And with the might of an eagle preying on small fish, he asked the master a question, a tricky one. The entourage reached for their daggers asking themselves ‘How dare he look the master in the eyes?’ Dumbfounded by the question, the master signaled the entourage to relax and with royal confidence said to the inquisitor. “We continue this discussion in the morning.” On the 60th day, Rumi Yek-baar-e-guee busted out of the house whirling in the streets and shouting poetic verses as though possessed.

A few comments

from our April Workshop

in Palo Alto


“The workshop is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the world of Rumi.  Farzad is a great orator and a passionate tour guide of Rumi’s philosophy.  He recreates the essence of Rumi’s teaching in a way that is easy to understand.  I highly recommend this workshop to all seekers of Rumi.” – Farhana

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“I found this bridge enlightening and I learnt that there are deeper layers of understanding to Rumi.  I want to know more.  I found the anecdotes that you share useful because that deepens the meaning of what I am learning.  I feel as though I have just opened the box of wonder layer and want to delve deeper.  There is nothing I would change except I wish it was longer. –Hemla

*    *    *

“Enjoyed the sessions and it made me appreciate life more.  Thank you for being my tour guide.” –Nitesh

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“Not only did I like the selection of the poems that you dissertated, but I liked how your framed the poetry in a historical sense, describing ancient stories and myths.  Thanks for a wonderful introduction.” –Anisa

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“Thank you Farzad for taking time to teach this class.  What a great service to your fellow humans – thank you!  I love your method of teaching and the descriptions of the context and history.  You’ve made Rumi’s poems so much more accessible to people like myself.  I have enjoyed this workshop immensely.  I wish there will be more.”  –Farimah

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“I had a really good time.  I wish there was more time to really dive into the wonder layer.  Rumi workshop is a wonderful introduction to Rumi with the many layers of understanding. It’s a very in depth class.  And I was saddened that there was not enough time to cover more.  It’s a great introduction that makes you excited and hungry for more.” –Nirmala

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“I enjoyed the workshop and your way of teaching.  I think we would have benefitted with one more workshop (4 instead of 3).”  –Roshanak

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A Bridge to Rumi (4 consecutive Sundays Feb 4, 11, 19, 25 at 4-7 pm)  

Berkeley   -Location to be Announced –